Mad Mom's Fight Club-(6.1 ABV & 57 IBU)

$5 / 16 oz.

Boardman Blonde -  (5.4 ABV & 21 IBU) 

$5 / oz.

Prescription Clear IPA - (ABV 5.6 IBU 49.5)

$5 / 16 oz.

Coat Hanger Stout- Limited Edition

(ABV 5.3 IBU 32)

$5 / 16 oz.

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Logan is no stranger to brewing craft beer.  He began his love of brewing as a boy helping his father brew root beer in his family's kitchen in Ashland, Oregon.


Honing his brewing skills in Denver, Colorado, he returned to his roots of Oregon to help launch Ordnance Brewing in Boardman, where he was the Head Brewer for four years. 

Currently,  Logan's recipes are being made by contract brewing but eventually will be brewing all his craft beer in-house.  

Logan has a feel for what East Oregonians expect from their beer, and creates his recipes to appeal to their tastes.  Logan says "the key to brewing excellent beer, is learning how different ingredients play together.”

Burnt Field Brewing 2020


burnt field brewing

boardman, oregon